90g Wax Melts

Treasured Shores Wax Melts



No words can express the depth of contentment as you walk along the beach. The waves lap against the shores creating the rhythm of life. Sweet balmy cocktail breezes kiss sun bronzed skin and you wonder… could there be anything better than being born to love the treasures of the shore?

TOP NOTES: goji berry, blackcurrant, grape
MIDDLE NOTES: blood orange
BASE NOTES: grapefruit, lime


Our Wax Melts are in stock and ready to fill your home with breathtaking fragrance.

100% Handmade

Available in all 10 of our beautiful coastal inspired fragrances. And just as inspiring. A simple smell can remind us of a childhood memory long forgotten. Remind us of people close to our hearts or journeys we have been on.

Hand poured & carefully blended in a convenient clamshell. 6 highly fragranced wax melt cubes fill your home with up to 70hrs of luxury fragrance. Simply break off 1 or 2 cubes & pop into the top of our handmade stone wax burner, available separately. Within a few moments the soft wax will melt, leaving you with its exquisite perfume ready to relive those memories.

Included, are fragrance notes & our inspiring coastal quotes  90 x 71 x 26mm. Wax weight 90g.


Living on the coast, we want our products to reflect the clean, fresh rawness of being by the sea. To take you on a journey through the past and into the future with scent. We believe our beautiful unique vessels and hand marbled stone encapsulates this dream.

To us, The Coast is home and our business is our life. We adore our products and hope you will have many many moments of pleasure with them. Our fragrances will enchant you and create memories in your home for many years to come.

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