More than just a fragrance…

Discover our collection of luxury scented candles, wax melts, wax warmers and accessories – everything we create here is UK made and inspired by the beautiful coast where we live.

Fragranced with opulent oils and fine perfumes, these candles are individually hand poured using prestige mineral wax for a superior aroma. Each candle is hand blended on England’s beautiful East Coast creating a scented ambience of warmth, style and sophistication in your home.

All of our luxury candles and wax melts are handmade and crafted to order. Please allow 7-10 days for dispatch from date of order.

We have created fragrances that inspire us and remind us of our childhood at the coast, our first date holding hands walking along the sand, moments of peace, standing on the shoreline, steadying our minds and recharging our batteries. Holidays from the past on distant shores, Family trips to the seaside, picnics in our youth, fresh salty air, warm sun, cool breezes and soft sand. Cherished moments bought back to life through fragrance. A scent can bring back so many memories that stay with us a lifetime. We take you on a journey into the past and make moments for the future. Just like the coast, timeless, full of memories and life. A truly inspiring place filled with all the wonderful riches this world has to offer us. Join us on our journey.

Our dream has been to create more than just beautiful, functional products – to create a lifestyle. Where, whichever room you choose to be, our fragrances subtly drift you away to a magical place of memory. To enable this, we have developed a range of tempting products to carry all of our unique scents; giving you a variety of stylish fragrant vessels to disperse our perfumes from. All inspired by the coast in their own unique way.